Manufacturing Process of Polyurethane Insulating Pipe

There are three major manufacturing processes for polyurethane insulating pipes: "a single-step approach", "pipe-in-pipe method" and "foam spray method".

The "one particular-stage method" is primarily employed for steel pipes with a pipe diameter less than DN500. The method is constrained with the pipe diameter assortment: the more substantial the pipe diameter, the issues of forming the insulation layer at a single time will enhance, and the eccentricity issue will turn out to be far more critical. .

The "pipe-in-pipe technique" is suitable for a variety of pipe diameters, and the formation and eccentricity of the insulation layer are simpler to control than the "a single-step approach". Even so, the procedure is far more challenging, the foam density is uneven, the cavity is huge, and it is hard to make a big diameter outer protective tube.

"Foam spraying strategy" is a new sort of process, using foam spraying gear to spray polyurethane foam on the surface of the steel pipe straight, staying away from the eccentricity and forming problems of the anti-corrosion layer. The thickness and density of the insulation layer are consistent, which is hassle-free for monitoring. It is fairly excellent for huge pipe diameters pipes.

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